Your Price Tag

Your Price Tag

What is your price tag?

A man who was moving placed a working television in his front yard with a sign that read, “Free TV in good condition. Just take it”. The television sat there for days. The man didn’t want to disgard it so he decided to use another tactic. He placed a new sign on the tv which read, “T.v. for sale only $35.00. Inquire within”. The television was stolen in three hours.

Isn’t it ironic thieves don’t even want invaluable items? When you have very little self value, esteem, or worth, you teach others to treat you accordingly. People will pay you the price you place upon yourself. If you let people walk all over you, have difficulties standing up for yourself, or don’t set boundaries you will be permanently in victim mode, attracting people who will continuously take advantage of you.

Assertive people who knows their self worth are treated with dignity and respect because they demand it. They hold themselves in high esteem and are treated accordingly.

The bottom line is you teach others how to treat you. How are you generally treated? Do people approach you in a respectable way or a hostile one? Do people take advantage of you or show you courtesy? How do you carry yourself? Are you assertive or passive? Begin taking notes how others perceive you. This will be a clear indicator of how you show up in the world. Once you asses how you’re perceived you can determine your price tag and determine how much adjusting you need to do in your price.

Here are just a few immediate self esteem boosters that will help you feel better about yourself, increase your self value and generate excellent treatment by others.

1) Start on the inside- You have to look in the mirror and claim greatness in yourself. Find mantras that represent who you want to be. Some examples are ” I am a successful entrepreneur. I am a great mom and have wonderful children. I am in the most loving and supportive relationship anyone can have. I love and appreciate all of me including the good and bad traits”. These mantra are an absolute must! You cannot overstep this process. If you do, you’re at risk of having your negative inner conversations dominate your mindset. What you think, you become. Your thoughts impregnate belief systems which are supported by actions. Remember, your thoughts will turn into actions, which will seal your destiny. Change your inner conversations and watch the world change around you.

2) Project the type of person you want to be. What do you want to be? If you want to become a successful entrepreneur you must emulate one. You must model what successful entrepreneurs do. How do they speak? Who do they speak to? How do they spend their time? What choice of words do they use? How do they dress? Begin taking on the characteristics as if you already are a successful entrepreneur and you will be surprised how others perceive you, better yet, your perception of yourself will begin to change. This is a fun little game I play in the airport while traveling. I pick a “character” and play the part until I reach my destination. The most interesting thing is people treat me exactly how I want to be treated, with dignity and respect. Try it, and have fun with it. After some time you will begin taking on the characteristics permanently or gain enough interest to find more ways of becoming the person you want to be.

3) Set boundaries and stick to them. You will be tested. People will see how much they can get away with. You must set boundaries that make you feel good. Instead of saying no and explaining why you can’t do a favor for someone that you really don’t want to do, simply say “hey I’d love to but now is just not a good time”. Simple, assertive, respectful, and clear. If someone gives you their word, hold them accountable if they try to break it without just cause. These are small and easy changes you can begin making today that will increase your self value and improve others perception of you, thus increasing your “price tag”.

Remember, even people who steal don’t want something worthless.

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  1. As Salaamu Alaikum! Thank you so much Hujrah for this advice. I am going through some hard times and this really helped me.
    Love you Fisubillah
    Renita Malikah Haamid

    • With pleasure my beloved Renita. We all struggle. It is our tests and trials that mold us into greatness. When you’re in the storm keep pushing, surely the blessings are not too far away! Thank you!

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