Your Power

Your Power

Live In Your Power

Powerful people don’t sit around and wait for others to determine if they can be fit into their lives, like a piece to a puzzle. They don’t give others the sole responsibility of determining if they’re worthy enough to be in their world. Powerful people are spectators.

They evaluate every situation carefully, determine if it’s beneficial to use energy on it, then make a clear and concise decision conducive to successful outcomes. They don’t waste time or energy on those who prove unworthy.

I realized that we share and exchange each others energy. Our energy is affected by any component that enters our space. Take notice how happy you feel when you see someone laughing and how it saddens you to see someone cry. This is a natural humanistic trait. It then becomes pertinent to protect your energy shield making sure only the best elements enter. I make sure I hold and maintain a positively charged atmosphere at all costs. This is one commonality amongst powerful people.

Have you ever noticed the loud, cocky, arrogant guy in a crowd of people? He’s the most insecure of the group. He feels uncomfortable in his own skin so he uses this defense mechanism to ward off any attempts to see right through him.

If he could just remain quiet, go on the inside, do some reflecting, and change his perception of himself; he wouldn’t feel compulsion to bring negative attention to himself. He’d much rather fill his mind and heart with positive inner conversations. It always boils down to your inner dialogue.

Power is affecting people by your silence. Power is feeling like a million bucks whether you’re in a jogging suit, jilbab, or designer outfit. Power is in your speech, thoughts, and actions.

Why be powerful? Powerful thoughts bring about powerful speech. Powerful statements brings about powerful action. Powerful actions provoke change. Powerful change birth movements. Powerful movements save, heal, and change lives!

If you have been playing it safe because you’re afraid of you’re own power, know that life will still go on with or without you. If you reside in fear and make it a permanent residency, the guy behind you who has been watching you will step up and do everything you “wished” and “wanted” to do.

Powerful people keep moving despite of fear. Are you living in your power or residing in your fear?

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