Your Husband Deserves Respect

Your Husband Deserves Respect

Dear Ladies,

Your husband deserves respect but more importantly needs it from you. Men are designed to provide for their families and responsibilities. It is an innate trait in them. They are hard workers and can go the distance where most women cannot. Men are driven to thrive, survive, and succeed, but when they are disrespected (from anyone) it feels demeaning and you won’t get the best of your mate, period.

You must avoid disrespecting your husband at all cost. Not only is it very disliked upon by God (women who are ungrateful to their husbands will be punished, and women who honor their husbands will be rewarded with pleasure and delight) but it leaves a horrible taste in your mate’s mouth and changes the relationship between you.

Disrespect can be insulting him or his family, name calling, shouting, screaming, using profanity, not listening to him, not taking his concerns seriously, talking bad about him to others and sharing his secrets to name a few.

It hurts to be disrespected but it can kill your husbands soul. He wakes up every single day and grinds to make sure you are provided for. What a smack in the face to disrespect him after he suffers all day, in essence for you.

Show more gratitude to your husbands and avoid being disrespectful. It is the number one turn off as they told me and as I describe in details in my book “How To Love A Muslim Man:100 Interviews with 100 Muslim Men” being released August 25, 2012 via

Build better relationships with yourself, God, and of course your mate.

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  1. WOW! Hujrah, this is great advice. And a great reminder. Thank you kindly for the research you did to gather this great information. I truly appreciate you and your loving and pure spirit. You are great!

  2. Thank you Tahirah! You are beautiful and embody the essence of a Queen. I thank you for your continue support and undying loyalty. I stand for you and with you and I can’t be happier that you loved the book!! Thank you!

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