What Makes A Man Run Home To His Wife?

What Makes A Man Run Home To His Wife?

Hey Ladies, as you’re gearing up towards the release of my book “How To Love A Muslim Man:100 Interviews with 100 Muslim Men” on August 25, 2012 via amazon.com, I thought I’d share some secrets with you that no one else will receive until after the release. Enjoy!

Upon leaving your home, your husband puts his game face on. He’s about to face the world which sometimes is waiting to beat him up at the door. It becomes imperative that you prepare him for what he’s about to face and be his comfort and repose when he returns to your care.

I’ve asked 100+ Muslim Men what makes them want to run home to their wives. The number one answer was a home and a wife that is kept, beautiful, peaceful, warm, and loving, without drama. In essence ladies, your spouse is looking for tranquility and beauty. This means your home should be set up so that we he steps foot inside the door he completely forgets about the stress.

Men see; women hear. He will see the condition of your home. He will see your smile, beautiful clothing, delightful smells before he acknowledges anything else. He will see if the children are under control and look presentable before he even steps in the door.

If your home is in disarray, you would be embarrassed to have your friends over, right? Well your husband is your friend and deserves a home that is loving, comforting, filled with good smells, clean, and stimulating.

Reorganize your homes so that most of the time (hey we’re not robots here, we will have our days), the spirit of your home makes your husband run home to you. Because come on, what woman wouldn’t want that?

I pray “How To Love A Muslim Man:100 Interviews with 100 Muslim Men” is the answer to so many questions you’ve been searching for. Stay blessed and happy reading August 25, 2012.

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  1. Asalam ma lay kum Sister, i am very intrigued in reading your book mashallah i have been married for nearly three years now and see if there are any other factors to make our marriage even more wonderful inshallah.
    Unfortunatly i do not have a kindle is there any way i can obtain the hardbook version please

  2. Why thank you Sr Alia! I am excited about your excitement! First, congratulations dear sister for your loving marriage! I love to hear when people are eagerly searching for new ways to improve their relationships. As for the hard copy I am currently working on that now. I should have it finished in no time. Be sure to subscribe to my free newsletter so that you will be amongst the first to know when the hard copy will be released. Also, I will be doing lots of contests and chances to win free products. So go to the home page, fill in your name and email address, hit I’m ready and I’ll see you on the other side!

  3. Assalamu alaikum,
    As a Muslim wife, I was a little bothered by this article. There is so much more that a man loves about his wife than just the beauty of her physique or the cleanliness of her home. I was bothered how this article did not mention how a woman can also be admired for her work ethic, her commitment to Islam, her intellect, etc. Also, the whole idea that “men fall in love with their eyes, women with their ears” is outdated and untrue. Women have just as much need for visual stimulation as men. Why should a women dress up for her husbands return from work when he won’t shower/change clothes when he gets home and dress to greet his family?

    Muslim women need to stop worrying so much about how clean their house is/how pretty their clothes are and worry about developing their spiritual self. Your husband is with you only for a portion of your life, Allah is with your from the beginning. So who deserves the utmost respect?

  4. Salaam.

    JazakAllah khair for sharing this! I would love to buy the book but the amazon link says its unavailable? Please do let me know how I can get a copy this is a must read!!!

    JazakAllah Khair sister, keep up the great inspirations!

    Your sister Aaminah x

  5. Assalam… Sister, i appriciated all what you have jost says. What about the area of sleeping bet a man and his wife. Some women dont no hw 2 make some of d men happy when it comes 2 bed.

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