Unique Selling Position

Unique Selling Position

What is your USP (unique selling point)?

What is a USP? A unique selling point is your ‘it’ factor. It’s the thing that sets you apart from all others. It’s the one thing that makes you, you. All of us have one, but many don’t embrace it. Infact, most people are ashamed of their USP because most likely it was created through an adversity they’d like to permanently dislodge from their memory bank.

Today, I’m here to tell you to find your Unique Selling point. Look at your journey, what tests and trials have you been through that has help shape and mold you into who you are today? How do you perceive the world? What is your thought process when making decisions? These answers will help move you in the direction of finding and accepting your USP.

Let’s look at an example of a phenomenal woman who embraced her USP and uses it for a higher good. While there are many great talk show hosts, Oprah Winfrey remains at the top of the poll due to several factors. When Oprah’s name is mentioned, many people think humanitarian, a giver, a powerhouse, a change agent, a leader, an innovator, successful strong woman.

I’d say all of these traits describes Oprah very well. However, what makes Oprah Winfrey a unique talk show host? Oprah Winfrey’s USP happened when she shared her heart wrenching story about the sexual abuse she suffered as a child. After revealing her shocking truth, she gave millions of people across the globe permission to embrace, accept, and share their journeys.

She validated their feelings and made them understand the best is yet to come. Oprah was able to help her audience change their perceptions about their lives. Not only did Oprah overcome her tragedy, she’s helping her fellow human beings by the drove to overcome theirs so they can turn it into success.

Oprah Winfrey has many other USP’s all worth mentioning but I believe this example will get you thinking about your own unique journey and how it affects your entire life.

What is your USP? What is your personal story? How has your journey strengthened you? No matter how horrific an experience you may have had in the past, it’s 200% possible to change your perception about it and use it for good. It will hurt like crazy to revisit old wounds.

I will not lie to you and make you think it’s all cherries and sweet pie, however it behooves you to face it, analyze it, embrace it, change your perception about it, heal from it, and the best part yet; help others because of it.

No longer will you continue to walk in shame because of the stigma or guilt associated with your adversity. It, whatever it is, had to materialize to help mold you for your destiny. When your destiny is revealed to you, you will have the big ah ha moment. It will all make sense in due time. Until then, keep pushing, fighting, growing, and healing. This will help you embrace your Unique selling point.

Step into your light, others need what you offer.

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  1. Alhamdulilah! Another inspiring article filled with much validation for my motivation to help women who are struggling to survive tragedies. Abuse has no color, no religion, no age, and dangerous of all ,it is unpredictable and in most cases unpreventable. I am getting closer to defining my USP because of my own struggles and I am in total agreement with you , when you said “It, whatever it is, had to materialize to help mold you for your destiny”. Shukran for such a beautiful article and helping me to clarify my vision. May Allah reward you!

  2. Thank you!! You are defining and designing your destiny. Listen to your heart baby. Listen and follow. You are on your way.

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