Procrastination And Why We Don’t Care

Procrastination And Why We Don’t Care

I just don’t care.

Why do we procrastinate? What it is about those goals, that to do list, that makes us wait to the very last minute to accomplish? Why do the majority of people procrastinate?

The number one reason is simply because we don’t care. We’re not excited about the task or goal at hand. We’re not excited enough about it to lose sleep over or jump out of our bed. Life is happening to us and we’re just reluctantly going along.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are everyday mundane things we must do that won’t excite us like ironing clothes or studying for an upcoming exam. However, if we simply change the meaning we attach to the goal (ie, give your goals a meaning you care about) you will do it more excitingly and live life with more juice.

Reasons For Procrastinating

Ironing clothes is boring but if you’re launching a major project that you’ve worked so hard on, or you’re about to catch a flight to a Hawaiian vacation you’ve been looking forward to all year, ironing clothes will be a total different experience. Studying for an exam on a subject that intrigues you so much you won’t want to put the textbook down will deliver a different experience than studying some boring required subject you’ll probably never use again. It’s the experiences we live and work for.

The bottom line is most of us are not living a life with juice. We stagnate, drag, and barely make it through the day because we just don’t care about what we’re doing. We find that we must do what needs to get done, reluctantly and our experiences are joyless and for some full of regret.
Two more common reasons we procrastinate, fear and we just don’t know how to get “there.”

Gosh, here’s a secret. Everyone’s afraid. Everyone has some level of fear. The top successful people has figured out a way, or paid someone to show them how to move despite of fear.

That’s it.

That’s the big mystery solved.

The fear you have of failure, success, the unknown never truly dissipates. You just need to learn how to manage it well enough so that it does not stop you or your visions, and certainly not your mission.

As for not knowing how to get “there”, I’d like to propose a question. If I asked you the quickest way to get to Egypt and you’ve never been there could you give me an accurate answer?

Of course not.

Guessing would be a waste of time so the best thing to do is to equip yourself with a map, a compass, and some people with experience. Here’s where a mentor, life coach, or someone who will hold you accountable comes in. A person who is skilled at moving you from point A to point B and so on. If you haven’t gotten there yourself get you some help, yesterday.

The worst thing will be when a younger version of yourself show up in another pair of shoes accomplishing all the visions you had because you’ve procrastinated yourself into senior citizenship.

Why are you still procrastinating? Probably because you just don’t care.

Hujrah Wahhaj, your Personal Relationship Development Coach, helping you to build ultimate success one relationship at a time.

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