Why You Shouldn’t Aim For Perfection.

Are you a perfectionist?

Do you aim to have a perfect marriage, a perfect career, a perfect family, with the perfect life? If you answered yes, you my dear have low standards. Shocking isn’t it?

Here’s the thing, perfection belongs to one Being only, God.

There’s no one in the entire world regardless of class, status, success or wealth who is perfect. Just as long as we are human beings we will never be perfect.

A person who is a perfectionist, or claims to be, aims very low in life in order to control and micromanage his affairs. You will find a  perfectionist to be often irritated and easily disgards of friends and relationships because he can’t fathom not having everything go according to his plan.

In order to maintain his dispostion he limits what he seeks after because no one has the ability to hit the mark 100% of the time in every circumstance and since he knows this he stays clear from extremely challenging situations.

Ihsan is something we should strive for because it’s more feasible and realistic. Ihsan is striving for excellence or to be outstanding. In grade school when we did our absolute best and gave it all we had, we ran home excitingly to show our parents that Grand letter E for Excellent on our report cards because we understood that was the optimum result.

Striving for excellence means doing your absolute best in every area of your life. It affords you the opportunity to correct yourself when you make a mistake, which you will because you are human, and tweak areas that needs tweaking.

Excellence stems from hard work, repetition, and readjusting so that you produce your ultimate outcome. Perfection is an unattainable trait that belongs to The Lord of The Heavens.

Strive for the best and remember to aim the highest, because anything else just won’t do.

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