Love Changes Everything

Love Changes Everything

Love changes all.

I’ve traveled to many countries and met incredible people. No matter what language, ethnicity, gender, social class, or religion, the commonality amongst all people is the desire to be loved.

Love changes everything. I’m in no way speaking about the glamorous type of love depicted in Hollywood by high paid actors who all too often don’t have what they display so well on the big screen. I’m speaking about genuine love for humanity. Pure love. Love that says you are property of The Creator so I will honor you because I respect creation.

We don’t respect the creation. We disengage ourselves from the world and only truly get involved when adversities hit home. This is not genuine love. I’m not saying everyone has to become a superhero humanitarian set out to save the world. I am suggesting however that we begin to breed love in our hearts for one another.

We must want for each other what we want for ourselves. This will make the difference between merely existing in a world and living in this life. Genuine love will hold you accountable to make real changes that will change this society. Genuine love will produce real results that will help combat many of our pathologies. Love can and will change lives.

How much love are you withholding? Can you give more love to yourself, your family, your community, humanity? I think you can. I don’t believe you will ever be at a place where you can’t dig deeper to shovel out more love. Love begets love just good begets good.

Try it today. Spend an entire day professing genuine love and displaying it through acts of kindness. Sweep a neighbors sidewalk, help an elder with groceries, give up your seat for a pregnant woman, volunteer your time at a nursing home or children’s hospital. This will only beget good.

Take notice of the responses you receive. I guarantee each person you affect will turn around and affect others with the genuine love you initiated. And you my dear will be at the receiving and of all the great benefits that will stem from this.

I love you, even if we never meet. I genuinely appreciate and love you.

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