Is Your Partner In Pain?

Is Your Partner In Pain?

Don’t Leave Your Partner In Pain

How much changing should we do for our spouses? Should we completely change our point of views, our dispositions, the very essence of who we are just to appease our spouses? Absolutely, not.

While it is important to work together in unison with your partner to bring about optimum results, you never want to be in a place where you have no idea who you are anymore.

Embrace Change

Change is inevitable. Change and growth is expected in any given circumstances, especially in marriage. One of the top 10 questions in marital affairs is, how much should a person change for their spouse and when does change become unhealthy?

Here’s my response. Don’t change for your spouse change for your Creator. God didn’t create you to remain the same person you was 5 years ago. If your spouse is taking off and moving in a different and better direction, don’t change for him, change with him. Embrace growth. Welcome the new outlook and disposition as an opportunity to stretch yourself.

Don’t Change For Your Spouse

I guarantee if you change for yourself, with the purpose of advancing your potential and capabilities, you won’t feel like your spouse is forcing you to become someone you are not.

The most important thing to remember is you don’t have to change your personality for your spouse, that’s why you chose each other, however don’t leave your partner in pain. If your mate explains to you that it hurts his or her feelings when you do or say a particular thing, acknowledge it.

Ask for forgiveness, and curtail that particular behavior when dealing with your spouse. He’s happy, you didn’t change your personality, and you guys can live in more peace together.

May your relationships take you to the highest of heights. Best of luck. Remember to Love today, tomorrow is not promised.

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