Invest In Yourself

Invest In Yourself

Personal Development

The worst thing you can ever do is stop investing in yourself. It becomes crucial to understand that you are a business. People do business with people. You are your product. Everyday you are selling yourself by what you say and do. What are your words and actions saying about you?

You can only give and do what you know. Knowledge then becomes the key factor to who you are. The knowledge you acquire goes through a process in your mind. You usually determine what part to store in your memory bank and which part to discard. Once the knowledge is stored, you call on it when you need it to help make a decision or analysis.

For example, someone who just broke up with his spouse is suffering from extreme depression. He comes across an article explaining the seven stages of grief. By the time he finishes the article he understands the emotions he’s experiencing is due to the mourning of a relationship similar to the mourning of loved one who has passed away.

With this new information he’s able to put things into perspective, can research tools to help him move through his tough time and can combat the emotional turmoil at it’s onset. The knowledge he has gained has helped him make a clear decision to find a solution to his problem.

You must continue to seek knowledge in order to develop yourself. You can do this through books, seminars, webinars, educational institutions, video’s, audio’s, articles, journals, conference calls, etc. There should never be a time in your life that you’re not seeking knowledge. You have to constantly improve and upgrade yourself.

You want to be able to offer as much help and information to whoever comes across your path. God sends people to you for a reason. Wouldn’t it be awesome to help others with key information that could possibly redirect their entire lives? That would be awesome. Even if you don’t, it still is great if others can walk away gaining new insight because of valuable information you’ve shared.

Invest in yourself. Learn something new. Pick up a book or two and jump right in. You’d be surprised where the knowledge you gain leads you.

Make the commitment today that everyday you will learn at least one new thing. In a years time you will be able to measure the person you used to be and the person you are becoming. If only we can become addicted to knowledge, what an entire different world this will be.

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