Hujrah’s Bio

About Hujrah Wahhaj

Hujrah Wahhaj a NY native and a passionate humanitarian, has been recognized as one of the most dynamic, passionate, international powerhouses in her field. As a leading expert in Personal Relationship Development Coaching, Hujrah’s fiery techniques and innovative approach to personal development has proven ultimate success for her clients.
Hujrah has the ability to move any crowd of all calibers to tears, laughter, and deep thought all at the same time. Hujrah is best known for taking her audience on an emotional roller coaster ride through her transformational motivational lectures and seminars and has been recognized as one of the best change agents in Life Coach history.
Hujrah has trained with and studied under powerhouses Trainer/Life Coach/Author/ Chike Akua, Mark Anthony Garrett, Ali Yasin and Muhammad Shareef while following the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming module as practiced by Tony Robinns and the like).  
Hujrah is the founder and C.E.O. of Q.U.E.EN. (Quest for Unity through Empowering and Enlightening the Next generation), an initiative to help transform the lives of young women ages 11-18 through mentoring, education in leadership, domestic, and life coping skills.
Hujrah also currently serves as a board member of G.I.F.T.S. (Global Impact Forum for Talented Speakers) and has been featured in countless articles, magazines and newspapers including Sister’s Magazine, New Society Press, ILM magazine, and The Muslim Journal (the largest read newspaper produced by an AA organization) which currently publishes her articles in their weekly circulars.
Hujrah is a member of The Billionaire Master Mind Forum, an innovative movement including Billionaires and Millionaires teaching and practicing the science of building ultimate wealth holistically.
Hujrah is the radio host of her own show entitled ‘The Hujrah Wahhaj Experience’ powered by AM360’s network which is the No.1 Radio show in Islamic Based Radio on Blogtalk with a current following of 200,000+ listeners.
She has been interviewed and featured on programs such as Sisters of, an international based webinar broadcasting across the globe,  the radio programs 900Wurd’s (Islam Today)  based out of Philadelphia, WAEC Love 860 (The Bilal Stroud Show) based out of Atlanta Ga, the television show ‘Reflections’ and much more.
Hujrah is in negotiations to launch her own t.v. show ‘The Hujrah Wahhaj show’ and is the Author of “How To Love A Muslim Man: 100 Interviews with 100 Muslim Men”.
 Throughout Hujrah’s travels abroad & volunteer work both domestically & internationally, she has concluded the commonality amongst all people is the desire to be loved. Her warm, embracing, & easy going personality, combined with her open-door policy makes her calling as a Life Coach organic. Hujrah dedicates her life to inspiring the masses to unleash their inner power & hidden potential so they may operate at maximum level. Follow her at, on twitter @Hujrahw, on The Hujrah Wahhaj Show On Facebook, and YouTube.