Change. Grow. Read. Learn.

Change. Grow. Read. Learn.

“To do the same thing Over & Over again and expect a different outcome is insanity”-Unknown. If you don’t like who you were yesterday and you’re the same today, keep at it for you will surely be the same tomorrow. CHANGE, GROW, READ, LEARN, beause not to do so is way too risky.

A great man once said: no two days are the same for a wise man. If you find you are the same person you were five years ago, in the same circle, doing the same thing, THERE’S SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG.

We all have hopes, dreams, goals, and aspirations. Studies show that only 1 out of 100 people with great ideas will pursue them.  Remember, a great idea is only 5% of success; the remainder 95% is the work!

If you’re ready for change, ready to move in a different direction, yearn for a quality of life and are ready for an abundance of resources, get very uncomfortable. You’ve read it correct. You have to step out of your comfort zone. It’s time to unlearn some old habits and acquire new ones. You must be completely honest with yourself because if you continue to dismiss any areas in which you need improvement, for the sake of appeasing your ego, you will continue to produce the same outcomes. You must be willing to invest in yourself spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. How can you solve a new problem with the same mindset that help created it?

What I want you to understand is if you want to change your circumstances (the outside) you must revamp the inside. What’s in your heart?  Is it love, peace, and harmony, or jealousy, anger, and distrust? What thoughts reside in your mind? Is it abundance, possibilities, and innovation, or scarcity, stagnation, and despair? You cannot breed success with a heart and mind that is toxic. You must begin to implant only positive and successful nourishment in your heart and mind. This is non negotiable!! Become aware of your thoughts and feelings right this second!

So, what do you do from here? No matter where you are in life, the best and worst news is that you have the power to change it. How is this bad news, you may ask. Well, if you have the power to change your circumstances in a positive way, you also have the power to keep it exactly how it is or worse, destroy it.

Here are 5 must do’s to change your circumstances immediately!! Write these down and check them off the list. You will be able to measure your results in a short amount of time. Please share with me as you’re moving up your ladder of success.

1) Take self inventory- Take an honest and accurate inventory of yourself. Who are you really? I’m not talking about who your in-laws or co-workers think you are. I’m talking about the real deal. I want you to acknowledge to yourself the person with all the thoughts, good and bad habits, positive and negative traits. Make a list. Be honest and take a deep breath.

2) What do you want? Most people spend unbelievable time and energy talking about what they don’t want and wonder why it keeps showing up. What do you want in life? Who do you want to be? What do you want to be? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to meet? Ask, ask, ask. Write these questions down and get lost in the answers. Take notice how happy you will become while you’re designing your best life. Watch how your breathing pattern changes. Notice your body becoming lighter and less tense. See how good it feels just thinking about your ultimate life? This, my friend is the power of Visualiz
ation. Taking what you want in life and making it clear, vivid, real, and attainable. Mostly every successful person known to mankind has practiced this. Beware, it will become addictive. (smile)

3) Research- The fun stuff. Research how and what it takes to become who you want to be. What will it take for you to meet the people you want to meet ? Find out how to get to the places you want to go. Research, research, research. This is your roadmap. If you’re headed East when you’re destination is West, you’d be pretty tired and frustrated. Save yourself the headache and research what it will take to become the ultimate you.

4) Get a mentor- If you want to be a millionaire find a mentor who is a billionaire. If you want a successful marriage talk to a relationship expert who applies their teachings in their successful marriage and has a track record of helping to sustain marriages. Get someone on your side who’s been where you are going. This will make the biggest difference. Mentors will stop you from making bad decisons and show you how to reach goals quicker. Remember, it’s fine to use videos, books, c.d’s, d.v.d’s and such as mentors. My personal favorite “mentor” is Youtube
Because it offers unlimited amounts of information and resources from around the entire world at my fingertips.

5) Course of action- This is where most people fail. After doing the self inventory, claiming what they want, identifying successful mindsets and behaviors that need to be implanted and even scouted out a mentor or two, they didnt follow it up with action. Action, Action, Action, otherwise known as movement. You must move! You must take massive actions towards your goals! And don’t become stagnant after accomplishing one goal. Celebrate and move on. Keep a goal in front of you and a goal behind you.

I guarantee if you follow this regiment, you will start climbing up your ladder of success. This is no hocus pocus, magic fairy dust, but rather simple mathematics. Follow these easy steps and you will obtain real success, guaranteed!

Happy Growing!! And remember to share with me your outcomes. Step into your light, people are waiting for what you offer.

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  1. Hujrah we must be thinking the same thing today!Alhamdulilah Change Change Change!!! I just decided to go over a take a peep at your new website, was not sure if it was up and ready yet but here I found it looking very beautiful and i was frozen….I wrote a blog entry similar to this today! You are such an inspiration sis and I pray that Allah continues to move you toward success in this life and give you jannah in the next-Ameen!

    • Thank you Walida. You are an inspiration yourself. I am so proud of your progress. You truly are on your way! Thank you for your encouragement and support.

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