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Reflecting on a lecture my big brother gave a couple nights ago, I was able to deepen my understanding and insight of who I really am. I never heard of more bitter truth and advice than that before.

It was a turning point for me rather than just a lecture about simply “BEING TRUE TO YOURSELF AND YOUR LORD”…Thinking back about it, I now know why Our Creator says “Whether you hide or reveal whatever is in your hearts, God knows it all; and He knows all whatever is in the heavens and all whatever is in the earth; and He has control over all things”.

As much as I am guilty of this, I am still saddened to know that we place too much effort in pleasing others and not nearly enough effort in praising, worshiping, and pleasing God.

Albert Camus once said “We continue to shape our personality all our life. If we knew ourselves perfectly, we should die”. How true.

Finding out who I really am while being true to myself and others is a working progress. But the key is to never forget my mission which is to please my God and meet Him in the most honorable way one can ever wish for.

Truthfully, l use to care about other people’s perception of me (I know how sad), but now the only thoughts that consume this mind is how to increase my scale of good deeds. You know what, sometimes you have to be a little bit selfish in order to make yourself happy.

People don’t like changes, but regardless you must to be willing to implement positive permanent changes in your life. People might see you as being “fake” at the moment but remember no one gets to have 500 million friends without making a few enemies. SO don’t worry about losing a couple of “friends” who aren’t conducive to your success or happiness because remember if you have God you have it all.

My name is Khadija Shakib and I’m proud to have found my true self by first finding God.

Your Power

Your Power

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