100 Muslim Men Spoke

100 Muslim Men Spoke

Tired of the many failing marriages, broken homes, and broken hearts, I wanted to delve into the hearts and minds of Muslim Men from all around the globe representing various ethnic backgrounds, social classes, and professions, including Scholars, Imams, doctors, lawyers, students, blue collar workers, politicians, and more to ask them what they really want in a mate.

After extensive interviews, with over 100 Muslim Men I reveal what I discovered about The Psychology of Muslim Men, combining it with Quran and Sunnah, and offer you both insight and advice to get your marriage back on track in my book “How To Love A Muslim Man:100 Interviews with 100 Muslim Men” which was released today, on Amazon.com.

How To Love a Muslim Man is a perfect dialogue between Muslim women and their counterparts without the backlash and hard feelings. It’s hard to communicate with your mate when you don’t know who he is or what he really wants. So, I simply ask the men in my book what they really want. Everyone is anonymous, however I believe you will find your story in the book.

This will be part one of many relationship series books including my next upcoming book, “How To Love A Muslim Women:100 Interviews with 100 Muslim Women”.

It’s time we take back our marriages and build better relationships with our spouses. Believe it or not you were meant to get the sweetness out of your mate like the core of a nectar.. How To Love A Muslim Man gets you one step closer to extracting the sweetest fruit out of your mate, like it was designed to be.

Groundbreaking and empowering, “How To Love A Muslim Man” is the first book of it’s kind and is a must-read for anyone who seeks to comprehend the complexities of how to love a Muslim Man.

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  1. Excellent book!! Very helpful and informative. I was almost finished the book and broke my Kindle. I had a new Kindle in one day….Had to finish the book!!!!

    • Why thank you Sr Lateefah. I can’t be happier that you loved the book and found it beneficial. I’m truly grateful for the support and I pray this helps you and everyone who reads it to get one step closer to a wholesome sound marriage. Spread the word about the book!

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